Mar 2015
MAR 2015

13th March 2015 - Islington Play CEO Blog - Post 16

Today I am starting with home stuff... The plight of the working parent. It was world book day last week- this means that the youngest announced that he needed a costume to look like his favourite book character at 6pm in the evening and he needed it for the next day... After spending all evening sewing (yep) and in the morning making a sword out of cardboard and duct tape I had elaborately glued him into a costume representing a boy from something called ‘beast quest'. When he got to school it was PE so he had to get changed. The costume did not recover. Thank god I had work to go to...

Last week was also the play work conference in Eastbourne. IPA attended en-masse and staff delivered three sessions. They all went really well. We talked about our experiences in running the access to nature project, how to be resourceful and how to do fun stuff with little or no money we had also created a game of snakes and ladders to represent the randomness in the world of running projects. In the game participants landing on snakes or ladders got dilemmas and had to decide how they would respond, and whether the solution to the dilemma would compromise their core principles. Attendees were very generous and honest about their thoughts and ideas and we explored a number of instant responses which, after reflection, changed... The outcome was to realise that as playworkers we need to be open to reflection, able to explore our responses, think about where they are coming from, and keep the playing child at the centre. The biggest challenge seemed to be from the expectation of other adults and this is what we see in our work with parents too.

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