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Project Summary
The Play Improvement Project was part of the London Borough of Islington's Play Strategy being delivered by the Islington Play Association. The project worked to develop an Inclusion Strategy, aimed at increasing the access of under-represented groups across all twelve of Islington's Adventure Playgrounds. For this project, "access" was understood in a broad sense, and the focus was on ways of supporting every child's access to high quality and open play provision. The project ran for two years, from April 2008 until March 2010.

The project, in working to help all 12 Adventure Playgrounds to become more inclusive, involved building fire pits and swings, planting sunflowers and bringing children from one playground to another so they can give us more informed opinions on what they would like to see change.

In the last month of the project, there was an exhibition of the remarkably beautiful, touching and often hilarious photographs taken by children on Islington's Adventure Playgrounds.


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