Growing and Playing

Our Growing and Playing project, which was funded by the City Bridge Trust, ran from January 2014 - December 2016. Children on our 6 adventure playgrounds developed food growing sites; they prepared raised beds and gardens in order to grow fruit and vegetables. The children planted raspberries, strawberries blueberries and other fruit bushes as well as seeds for tomatoes, salad leaves and peas which were cared for in our poly tunnel.

Throughout the spring we will be experimented with growing all sorts of eatables on our 6 playgrounds and at Islington Boat Club. Children made meals from their harvests and, as well as cooking in their kitchens, they cooked on fires and in clay ovens.

Islington has the second least amount of green space per head in London with more than 75% of children living without access to a garden. By getting involved in sessions involving digging, soil and worms, roots and shoots, seedlings, fires and harvest, children without gardens had the chance to engage with the natural world.

There is a huge range of evidence that shows that children who play in natural spaces achieve certain improved outcomes. These benefits Include,

• Improved concentration,
• Ability to manage moods
• Improved motor skills
• Improved nutritional attitudes and knowledge

The Growing & Playing project provided children with the opportunities to realise these benefits.

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