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Play providers

If you are running services for children and young people in Islington, we can offer you a whole package of support. We run a play forum, where you can meet other people who are working in the borough, share ideas and get answers to the every day issues that come up when you are working with children and young people. We can help your management committee to understand their roles, plan the services and ensure that all paperwork is correct and up to date. We offer many different types of training and can put on specific sessions if you request them and we have enough people who want it. We also offer targeted support to play providers through our projects.

For more information on our play support see:

Parents and carers

If you are caring for children or young people of your own in Islington we are always pleased to hear from you. We can help you find out about what is going on in the borough and can help you get involved. You are always welcome to join our volunteering programmes. Contact us to find out more.

Children and young people

If you are a child or young person living in Islington we want to hear what you think about playing here. We work with the council and others to make your playgrounds better for you - so tell us what you think! We would also very much like you to join our board. We want to hear your ideas and thoughts about the borough and what would make it better.

For everyone interested, we have an e-mail list where you can sign up for our regular newsletter (by clicking the 'register here' link at the bottom of the page) that will tell you about new developments, funding opportunities and news about running services for children and young people in Islington.

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