Action Plan for Adventure Playgrounds – Covid 19 Safety

Children need to play it is vital for their happiness, health and development. Now that government Covid 19 guidelines have made it possible for children to use public playgrounds, IPA are opening Crumbles Castle, Lumpy Hill, Timbuktu and Toffee Park Adventure Playgrounds for the summer holidays in the safest possible way. We will be open to children from 11am to 5pm on Mondays to Fridays from 20th of July to 28th of August. We have a clear Risk Assessment which all of our face to face playworkers have been inducted into and are committed to following. This action plan lays out the systems that we will work with in order to keep your children, families and staff stay safe.

Social bubbles: Each Playground will work with groups of 15 children and 3 adults (social bubbles).  There will be one social bubble on each playground at one time. Once a social bubble has been created no one can join that bubble even if children leave. Social bubbles will be together for two weeks, then a new social bubble will be activated. Playgrounds will work with three social bubbles each during the six week summer holidays.

Outdoor play: All our services will take place outdoors as this is the safest way for people to be together. The indoor building will only be used by children when they are using the toilet, if there is an accident or in unforeseen circumstances.

Social distancing: Staff will keep a distance of at least 1 meter from children and their team members. Children will be told of social distancing rules and signs will be visible within the playground, however we cannot promise that children will always keep a meter’s distance as this is very difficult for children to remember when they are playing. Children will be reminded of social distancing rules when needed.

General Hygiene: Staff will thoroughly clean the playground at the end of the session, extra time has been made for this. Toilets will be cleaned regularly throughout the day. Only one child at a time will be able to use the toilets. Children and staff will wash their hands under running water on arrival to the playground and every two hours at a minimum. Handwashing is the single most useful action in resisting the virus.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): In case of an accident, or in any other situation when staff will need to break social distancing systems, staff will wear PPE. If staff or children want to wear PPE they can. However, this is not recommended for children as if masks are touched they are no longer effective. Gloves are just as likely to pick up and spread traces of the virus as hands, which is why our staff will only use them when providing First Aid.

Public transport: Families will be asked not use public transport to get to playgrounds.

Infection or symptoms of Covid 19: Staff and families will be asked that if anyone in their household has any Covid 19 symptoms they must stay away from the playground and inform IPA immediately if they have previously visited our playground.

Anyone who has experienced symptoms in their household will be also asked to order a test and inform us of the outcome and to follow track and trace guidance.

In the unlikely situation that a child develops Covid 19 symptoms whilst on site, parents and carers will be asked to collect children as soon as possible.

Those who are shielding a vulnerable family member in their homes will be asked to refer to government guidance.

Government advice on out of school children’s services can be found here,

Our Children’s Centre has been open throughout the lockdown, during this time IPA have not experienced one case of Covid 19. Latest figures from June show that Islington has the lowest Covid 19 infection rate of all the London boroughs.

We will continue to update our action plan in line with new guidance and learning.