Adventure Play During the Second Lockdown

UPDATE: 11/11/2020

Dear parents, families and friends of the playground,

We are working hard to make sure that the children of Islington still get access to excellent play opportunities whilst they manage a second lockdown. After School Provision has closed and the playground is open as an Outdoor Playground only throughout the lockdown period. To keep the children safe we have a maximum capacity of 30 children on site at any one time, there is regular hand washing and social distancing in place. All food and drink are banned on site during the lockdown and we are asking that all parents remind children that they must keep their distance from others whilst on the playground. Please also make sure your children are dressed for playing outside – it is getting colder! The playground operates on a one in/ one out basis and we are very sorry that we cannot allow more children in. We hope you understand the restrictions imposed by the government and will abide by the lockdown rules. We hope to reopen as the adventure playgrounds you know and love very soon.

Keep safe.