Mural in progress


The paints paid for by a generous donor

Mural in progress

Children painted the mual at the front of the playground. Wow!


Whale from the mural

Beautiful details

Fabulous Murals at Toffee Park: Thank you to everyone who supports us!

Children at Toffee Park Playground have worked and played alongside artists from Mine Sweeper Collective to make two wonderful murals at their playground.

The pictures above do more than words to show the vibrancy and talent of the children at Toffee Park. The Mine Sweeper Collective gave a week of their time for free to the playground, because they are lovely people who want to make the world a brighter and happier place.

The paints were paid for with a donation from a generous local person who gives Toffee Park a financial gift every month.

IPA wants to thank all of the kind generous people who have supported us in this difficult pandemic year. This includes the amazing volunteers who help to keep our sites maintained, the fabulous artists who help to lift us all, the commissioners at Islington Council who support our work, all the children who play, the families who appreciate our work and the excellent playworkers – who work hard so that children have places and opportunities to play.