Barnsbury Wood

Playing 1, 2, 3 Where are you? Physical Development; Risk Taking

Forest School

Our Forest school sessions are just a more intense way of learning through child-led activities that are exclusively outdoors. Children are given opportunities to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem by playing, exploring and learning in natural environments, whatever the weather. The adults do not lead, they are there to supervise and assist children’s play, extending children’s learning through discussions, not interrogations. The forest school leader plans each session, linking it to the Early Years Foundation Stage and thereby promoting children’s development. Following the plans, the adults provide resources and lay out activities in the woods. However the sessions are child-led and we focus on following the direction of what the children choose to do. Therefore, children may choose to engage in the activities and resources set out by the adults (eg counting snacks, making forest school crowns, making models out of clay/mud, whittling, building fires…etc.) or they may choose to wander off and create their own unique learning experiences.

58% of Islington’s population live in social housing – 68% of these children attend adventure playgrounds