Campaign for funding

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Campaign for funding

IPA continues to fight for unique play spaces

Campaign for Funding

In 2012 Islington Council, along with many other local authorities across the country were struggling with massive cuts to budgets and IPA could see that adventure playgrounds were at risk. They were not a statutory service and the pressure was rising for proof of value for money. IPA joined in the adventure play review and presented evidence of impact, case studies and children’s voices that helped the council to decide to commit to funding all 12 adventure playgrounds and to keep them staffed by well qualified, committed playworkers.

We worked with all the playgrounds to hold community events that raised interest and awareness, inviting local politicians and bombarding them with information and evidence of the importance of the playgrounds. In 2013 three years of funding was agreed and in 2016, in the face of massive cuts to council budgets another three years was committed – proof of the vital nature of what is offered.

The struggle continues and we have seen almost all adventure playgrounds across the country reduce services, start to charge for access or close all together. IPA continues to fight vigorously for the importance of these unique spaces for children and to develop new ways to evidence the impact so that this vital service can continue for children living in some of the most deprived circumstances in the UK. If you would like to get involved please contact…