Crumbles Castle Adventure playground Family day, London, UK.

Free adventure play during term-time and in the school holidays

Free Adventure Play (6+)

Whilst we are managing the risks of Covid 19 our playgrounds cannot run the same open access service that we love. This summer we are running a booking system for closed sessions of bubbles of 15 children. Our Adventure playgrounds are still free!

When we come out of the pandemic we want to move towards the open access play model which we believe in. Open access means that Adventure Playgrounds are spaces where children are free to come and go as they like, free to play how they want and free at the point of access. In this way children’s opinions are utmost, they decide how and when they play, with who and where, and let us know whether the playground is a good place to play or not. They can choose to leave if it is not good enough for their needs.


Discover our award winning adventure playgrounds!

We make sure they are filled with nature, exciting equipment and structures that provide challenging and fun activities for all the children that come.

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