Meet Islington Play Association's CEO, Anita

Anita Grant

Anita has worked in the charity sector for 30 years specifically working for children’ charities and has been proud to be at IPA since 2006. She previously ran a Sure Start programme in Hackney. She passionately believes in freedoms for children and thinks that adventure playgrounds and play focussed childcare are the spaces where they can get that freedom. She has seen the world change fundamentally for her own children as well as those around her, with increasing ‘adult’ pressures affecting their childhoods. Anita believes that it is even more important now that children get the chance to develop determination, resilience and critical thinking as technology improves and provides massive opportunities and challenges to us all.

Job Title: Chief Executive
Location: Paradise Park Children's Centre
Qualifications: BA (hons) English and Film, BSC certificate in Leading and Managing in Health & Social Care, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

What do you love about working at IPA?
I love working at Islington Play Association because the commitment and passion of the staff amazes and supports me.

What is your favourite childhood play memory?
My playground was Camden Square Adventure Playground in Camden, London. My key memory is mastering the big rope swing which was both terrifying and exhilarating, It was something I did all by myself and just for myself and I will never forget the feeling of achievement once I had done it.