Dean Embley

Dean Embley

Dean Embley played on an adventure playground in Hackney when he was a boy, that is what drew him to work for IPA. He has worked at Crumbles Castle and Timbuktu Adventure Playgrounds.

Job Title: Deputy Playworker

Qualifications: Being the biggest kid

What do you love about working at IPA?
I love working at IPA, because not only are we reaching out to all children... but are also providing opportunities for children to meet other children that they wouldn't ordinarily meet and in turn creating amazing friendships and best friends along their play journey and expedition.

What is your favourite childhood play memory?
Growing up in hackney was absolutely awesome.... It provided me with so many favourite memories it wouldn't be fair to just pick one.... But a memory that pops to mind would have to be my time with all my pals over the reservoir catching frogs and newts all day forgetting all time...... and not making it back before the streetlights came on. Let's just say.... not even my pals were safe from mum's wrath. Disclaimer: "No children were hurt making these memories just boundaries broken"