Ellie Nichol

Meet our Trustee, Ellie Nichol

Eleanor Nichol

Eleanor is currently the Vice Chair at Islington Play Association. She is an experienced campaigner and investigator with a track-record in building teams to achieve change. As Deputy Campaigns Director at Global Witness, she has developed and headed work on corruption and natural resources in Africa and Asia for the past ten years. Closer to home, her most recent work exposed the UK property market as a magnet for

Job Title: Trustee

What do you love about working at IPA?
I chose to volunteer with IPA because, when my children were babies, I used to come and sit in IPA's café and saw the incredible service the staff provided for anyone who needed help. I saw first-hand the everyday impact of the organisation for people in Islington and wanted to support that work.

What is your favourite childhood play memory?
There was a 'secret walk' in the woods outside the town I grew up in. You had to cross a river by hopping across wooden posts. Someone always fell in and had to do the rest of the walk with wet feet, but we loved it!