Play, Past, Present and in Perpetuity

Islington Play Association won a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to support its exciting new project: ‘Play, Past, Present and in Perpetuity'. Led by the Play Heritage Development Worker, Jordan James, the project will see Islington Play Association work with children and the local community to investigate, explore and record the amazing history of the adventure playground movement in Islington.




Children will see the importance of their play, their space, and their place in the local community, widening their vision of where they live and seeing the links from the past to the present. Members of the community will be supported and encouraged to find out more about their local playground and to both speak and hear about how sites have adapted and changed in a reflection of the attitudes to children and young people in this urban environment. We will uncover, explain and analyse the implications of decisions made by governments, local authorities, communities and parents on children's lives through the eyes of the children and will, we hope, inform the planning and decisions of the future.

The playgrounds in Islington illustrate the social history of attitudes to children in urban areas. There are stories to be told, individual experiences to understand, communities' fight for play opportunities to recognise, and lessons to be learned from the recent past that has seen children's freedom to explore and learn about the world steadily contract.

For more information about the project or to get involved, please contact:
Jordan James, Play Heritage Development Worker 
Phone: 020 7607 9637

Play, Past Present and in Pertuity is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


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