Martin Luther King Playground

Structures at Martin Luther King when it was first created in 1968

Playworkers at North Road (Lumpy Hill)

Structure building, location and date unknown


Outside CAPE Adventure Playground

Staff Training, date unknown

Staff Training, date unknown

IPA head office: 1993

Christmas at Martin Luther King. Date unknown

Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground (Orginally North Road)

The "new" building at Martin Luther King Playground going up

Staff at Haywards Heath Adventure Playground

Cooking on the fire at Haywards


IPA has been working for children’s right to play in Islington since 1971. Our work has gone through many different changes and we always try to respond to what is actually happening for the children in the borough. We have offered support to other play providers, run services, engaged in research and argued for the voice of children to be heard throughout our history. In 2006 IPA opened the nursery at Paradise Park and then in 2013 IPA won the contract to deliver six adventure playgrounds including one especially designed for children with special needs and we have consistently increased the numbers of local children and families attending and the satisfaction of those coming.

In 2012 IPA successfully persuaded Islington council to dedicate the land of all 12 adventure playgrounds for play in perpetuity, directly responding to the fear of the loss of play services and land across the country which has, since then, happened across the country.

IPA works closely with all partners who share our vision for children to play including local voluntary sector organisations, Islington Council, Health, Social Care, Greenspace and the community creating innovative, exciting and fun projects and services designed to ensure that all children get access to high quality play opportunities.

Islington Adventure Playground Heritage

Islington Play Association won a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to support its exciting project: ‘Play, Past, Present and in Perpetuity’. Led by the Play Heritage Development Worker, Jordan James, the project saw Islington Play Association work with children and the local community to investigate, explore and record the amazing history of the adventure playground movement in Islington.

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58% of Islington’s population live in social housing – 68% of these children attend adventure playgrounds