Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground

Rope swings, rolling hills, paddling pools and more!

Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground

A hub of activity in the heart of Islington

The space is created just for children

A warm, welcoming space where children can run free

Help out in the vegetable garden

Help out in the vegetable garden

A space just for kids!

A space just for kids!

Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground

Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground is a warm, welcoming space where children can run free, have water fights, help out in the vegetable garden and join in the kick about.

It is important that parents and carers understand that our playgrounds are not childcare services, they are play services. You should read more about this by following this link. Our open access adventure play service is for children aged 6 years and upwards. All of our playgrounds are free of charge.

The space is created just for children and it is children who decide what happens each day from using hammers and nails to building new structures to cooking homemade pizza in the outdoor clay oven. We have a lovely campfire area where we enjoy each other’s company and tell stories of adventure and sing songs.

Please make sure your children are dressed for playing outside. This means clothes that can get dirty, play is a messy business. 


Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground was first opened in 1970 across the road from its current site. It was originally called North Road Adventure Playground and was an open space with no building. The management committee at the time, which included children from the playground, would hold their meetings at The Lamb Public House. The playground then moved in 1975 to its current site which included a log hut. The playground is built on the former site of Market Road cattle market (the gates to the playground are the original gates). Even though the playground had an official name it was known by local children as “The Hut” and was famous for its Community Days and Friday night discos. The Adventure Playground has since welcomed generations of Islington’s children to play.

Pandemic 2022

We are working hard to make sure that the children of Islington still get access to excellent play opportunities during this stage of the pandemic. We plan to stick with many of the systems that protected children and staff from Covid 19 during lockdown and will continue to follow government guidance. For more info about Covid safety follow this link –Covid Safety: Info for Parents and carers, 2022 Adventure Playgrounds

We know you will all understand that our approach may alter subject to changes in government guidance.

Stay safe.

Hire Lumpy Hill

All our spaces make fantastic places to party. Lumpy Hill is a perfect site for a fun-filled outdoor party and can be hired on Mondays and Sundays throughout term time. Over the summer holidays the site is available for hire on Saturdays and Sundays.

We have put all party bookings and private hire requests on hold until we have reviewed our systems. Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope to return in late summer 2022

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