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We are always busy here at IPA with amazing projects, events and sessions taking place all over the borough. To keep informed about our work look no further. Our aim is to continually create exciting places for children to play and to increase their accessibility to those opportunities. Everything we do is designed with the playing child at the heart and we are super proud of our staff, volunteers and partners who make it all happen.

Welcome to our new trustees!

IPA have just recruited new trustees. We would like to welcome (names to be inserted) who are joining our board. Their first real meeting with us will be at the...
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Soaking up the fun

Wednesday August 2nd saw one of the rainiest playdays ever with hundreds of children and families braving the wet to enjoy activities all over Paradise Park. We worked closely with...
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CEO Blog Post: Brexit

Was thinking today about being alone- the rhetoric of Trump and Brexit – from those not fully supportive of either -seems to be about feeling overwhelmed, scared, powerless and disenfranchised....
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1,517 children attended IPA’s 6 playgrounds a total of 54,494 times in 2016-17 Source: Annual Report 2016