Cinzia Tassinari

Meet Cinzia!

Cinzia Tassinari

Cinzia has being working at Paradise Park Children’s Centre since 2012. She feels that her role as is a rewarding and challenging one, having to relate to young children on their level without losing sight of her objective to foster their physical, intellectual, social and emotional development and well-being by supporting each child constructively on their “unique” learning journey.

Job Title: Early Years Worker
Location: Paradise Park Children's Centre
Qualifications: Bachelor of Music and Early Years Practitioner.

What do you love about working at IPA?
The rewards are immense! There is nothing more exciting than witnessing a child achieving a new goal for the first time and nothing is more fulfilling than getting captured by a sudden eye-contact of an autistic child unable to speak. Even when I feel exhausted, at the end of a challenging day, I am grateful for what I have received and learnt from those wonderful creatures, whose thirst for knowledge, I have been given both the honour and responsibility to nourish.

What is your favourite childhood play memory?
Playing with my neighbour. We used to play in the bush and canal on our road and make a den. The den was a sacred place.