May 2015
MAY 2015

8th May 2015 - New post on the Islington Play CEO blog

In the latest post on the Islington Play CEO blog, Anita Grant discusses education, IPA being in a 'tender year', and joining a play campaign to contact prospective MPs and lobby for a play policy.

Inspired (not sure that is the word!) by Bernard's blog on schools this week ( - A word in your ear: sharing dismay). I have been thinking about education a lot as the eldest has had to choose this week between going away to Uni or going locally and staying at home a bit longer. She has done brilliantly to get offers from two very good universities despite her parents having kept her out of school til the last possible moment (when she was five)."

Check out the full blog post here: Islington Play CEO Blog

6th May 2015 - Bob Hughes on the importance of play for children

We absolutely adore this video! It's an extra deleted scene from the Project Wild Thing film.

It features Islington Play Association's very own patron, Bob Hughes, talking about why children need play.


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