Paradise Park Children’s Centre achieves healthy early years award

We are delighted to share that Paradise Park Children’s Centre (PPCC)  has been recognised as an Islington Healthy Early Years setting. This also means the team has achieved the Healthy Early Years London bronze award.

The team at PPCC demonstrated the difference they are making, that all required standards are in place and the impact their work is having on the health and wellbeing of children and families.

During Islington Council’s assessment, it was noted that PPCC is meeting the needs of a range of children, for example with tailored support for individual needs, and has links with other professionals and healthcare agencies.

The council also observed the contribution the PPCC team makes to children’s wellbeing, including support around physical development indoors and outdoors, strategies and activities to support children’s emotional wellbeing and lovely ideas, activities and general approach to supporting healthy eating, including guidance for parents.

Commenting on the leadership and management at PPCC, the council noted there are good ideas to support home learning, including home learning bags and links to ideas and activities sent via newsletter and continuous professional development for the team at PPCC.