Message in a bottle to a Turtle

Thank you Kasuma

All Change

Kusuma, All Change Arts and Crumbles Castle Eco- Arts Collaboration

On 27th of October children at Crumbles Castle presented an Eco-Art show to their families at a cosy event at Crumbles Castle Adventure Playground.  The children have worked with All Change artists Darcy Turner and Kenny Baraca and a group of young creatives from All Change Arts throughout the summer holidays. In October half term they presented sculptures and poems as well as other fabulous creations, including a dance about friendship.

One child created a metal sculpture of a turtle with a plastic bottle inside it. Inside the bottle was a poem written to the turtle with a message about climate change. When playworkers asked if they could read the poem, the child refused. The message in a bottle was private, between her and the turtle.

Children are constantly learning about the way humans treat the ocean and other natural resources. They have learnt about the poisoning of other life forms through our use of plastics. This artwork beautifully presents the dark message of humankind’s neglect of our planet and the creatures we share it with. It is also full of hope for the future, through the connection from the child to the turtle.

Our artistic project was funded by the Kusuma Trust who are deeply involved in promoting messages about our world ecology. We worked in collaboration with All Change Arts and their Young Creatives will be sharing the work with schools over the winter term.