Toffee Park Adventure Playground

Toffee Park Adventure Playground

Toffee Park Structure

Toffee Park Adventure Playground

Toffee Park Adventure Playground

Toffee Park Adventure Playground

We are working hard to make sure that the children of Islington still get access to excellent play opportunities during this stage of the pandemic. IPA Adventure playgrounds only use our outdoor spaces for play, children can only use our buildings to use the toilets.

To keep the children safe we have reduced the number of children on site at any one time. We are asking that all parents and carers remind children that they must keep their distance from others whilst on the playground. Please also make sure your children are dressed for playing outside – it is still cold. The playground operates on a one in/ one out basis and we are very sorry that we cannot allow more children in. We hope you understand the restrictions imposed by the government and will abide by the lockdown rules. Covid Safety: Info for Parents and carers, 2021 Adventure Playgrounds

Stay safe.

Toffee Park is in the heart of the city, close to the Old Street roundabout and surrounded by buildings but the playground itself is a haven for nature, including plants, trees, animals and of course children!

The pond is filled with frogs and wildlife and the secret garden serves as an excellent picnic spot. Staff here use natural objects and growing plants to supplement play activities and there are always arts and crafts taking place. Many children here love performing and every year we have ‘Toffee’s got talent’ showcasing the best singing and sometimes lip synching in EC1.

Toffee Park provides an exciting and safe space for children to really jump, climb, run and enjoy playing out, meet neighbours and friends and explore the world of their imagination.


In 1971 students from City University engaged in a community action project to help provide a permanent space for local children to play.  At the time the site was officially unused, however it had already been identified by local children as a great place to play.  In its early days the playground was called the ‘Venture’ and local people, students and children built the adventure playground together. In 1974 the students registered the playground as a charity and handed it over to a committee of residents from the local community who gained financial support from the Greater London Council. It is thought the name ‘Toffee Park’ was given, as historically there were many ‘posh’ visitors to the area who would arrive at St Luke’s Church on horse drawn carriages.  The locals would shout ‘here come the Toffee nosed people,’ hence the name Toffee Park. The Adventure playground has since welcomed generations of Islington’s children to play.

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Address: Ironmonger Row, London, EC1V 3QS
Telephone: 020 7251 0190

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Toffee Park is available for parties on Sundays and Mondays during term-time and on Saturdays and Sundays in the school holidays. It provides a lovely private space for you and your guests to enjoy the equipment and structures and to play hide and seek or other games. You can use the kitchen and the hall to create your own party environment.

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