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Islington Play received funding from the Esmee Fairburn Foundation to:

- Raise awareness and foster understanding of the rich diversity of cultures that contributes to the success of Islington and the UK; and

- Promote good practice in the playwork sector to ensure activities and games on offer are not mono-cultural.

From Summer 2009 to Summer 2010, Islington Play worked in partnership with local primary school age children, their families and residential homes for the elderly to collect and celebrate childhood games from minority cultures within Islington. This has resulted in a world games book - The Cally Kids Play World Games.

This book is more than just a collection of games from around the world - though we hope you'll agree that it offers lots of ideas for new ways to play. This little book is a record and celebration of the games that people have brought to Islington from countries far away, or that they learned right here, when the borough was very different.

When you play a game you embark on a journey ending somewhere you did not begin. This book is evidence of many journeys. Journeys undertaken by families arriving into the UK, bringing with them games refined and improved over generations that act as reminders of a homeland. To join these journeys, access the individual games from the links below or alternatively order the book for your collection.

Gris or Grille (Somalia)

The Hunter (Saudi Arabia)

Fah (Somalia)

Tsiliki (Greece)

Bayga or ‘Horse Races' (Kazakstan)

Lupo Mangia Frutta or ‘The Fruit-Eating Wolf' (Italy)

Regina, Regina Bella or ‘Queen, Beautiful Queen' (Italy)

Foot Marbles (Canada)

Cat and Mouse (Romania)

Caraway (Russia)

Araw-lilim or ‘Sun and Shade' (Phillipines)

Ugróiskola (Hungary), La Thunkuna (Bolivia), or Escargot (France)

Fukuwarai or ‘Lucky Laugh' (Japan)

Skully (New York City, U.S.)

Banog-Banog or ‘The Hawk and the Chicken' (Phillipines)

Mamba (South Africa)

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