Freedom to Play

Free Summer Holiday Fun on our Adventure Playgrounds

Summer is here and we are welcoming children onto our playgrounds for the five week summer holidays. Our Adventure Playgrounds are free.

Children aged 6 years and upwards can join new friends and play on our four available adventure playgrounds –  Crumbles CastleLumpy HillTimbuktu and Toffee Park. Children who use our playgrounds must be registered with IPA. If you are not already registered please follow the link Register Your Child If your child is already registered you do not need to register again.

Dates: Monday 25th of July to Friday 26th of August
Opening times: 10.30am to 5.30pm

We will have free lunches for all children provided by Islington Council’s  HAF project and by The Mayor’s Fund for London’s Kitchen Social. Children will help to prepare their own lunches

Adventure Playgrounds are spaces where children are free to play how they want. This puts children’s choice at the centre of our work, children decide how and when they play, with who and where. They can choose to leave if they want something different. We are a play service and not a childcare service.

We need you to be available on the phone if your child needs to go home. There may also be an unusual situation in which we ask you to collect your child. We will ask you or a nominated person to do this. If this is impossible for you, then you may need to book a childcare service. Childcare services can be found on the Islington Council website.

To find out more about what adventure playgrounds are like follow this link Adventure Playgrounds; What are they like?